AI and Machine Learning for Marketing:  The New Business Prophecy of the 21st Century

Posted by Cathy Boudreau on Mar 1, 2018

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Marketing

Why do we all love user friendly platforms like Amazon, Netflix or Facebook, just to name a few? There is something that all these companies are doing to insert themselves into your world in a truly intimate way, and it works. The incredible benefits to shopping on Amazon, for instance, (beyond the two-day shipping) is that Amazon is not just a website, it acts like our friend. Amazon knows what you like, what you dislike and what you may need in the future. Other large companies use this artificial intelligence and machine learning to get to know their audience as well, who they are, what they need, and most importantly, how to keep them coming back. Now, more than ever before, companies are gravitating to this retention marketing revolution and tapping into the data to gather pertinent information that will help them learn about their consumers and predict their future purchases.

What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

To best incorporate these concepts into your business, you must first understand what they are and how they work together:

Artificial Intelligence or AI - This is when computer systems can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. Examples of this include: face recognition (used on Facebook) or image classification (used on platforms like Pinterest)

Machine Learning - This is an application of artificial intelligence that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve based on user experience without being explicitly programmed.

How Can Artificial Intelligence Grow My Business?

Obviously, the end goal of AI and machine marketing is increased revenue, but how does this get us to that point? The answer is simple. It creates efficient, strategic marketing that targets the right consumers, at the right time, and in a way, that is meaningful to them. Profound? Yes, it is. This is what every business tries to achieve (or should try to achieve), consumer-centric marketing. Selling to a consumer without making it seem like a sale, this method delivers a solution or fulfills a need.

As a business owner you have most likely heard about this strategy many times and have thought about the benefits of this data gold-mining. So how does this help market your business? Well, it all starts with the right content. To get people to your site you need to generate more traffic to that site. AI and machine learning can help to pin point what people are searching for and, by having that content on your site, your website more likely be listed within the search result. This content strategy will help bridge the gap between the researcher and the relevant content on your site bringing you not only more traffic, but the right traffic.

How AI Can Enhance My Content Marketing

Artificial intelligence is helping marketers decipher the ever-changing world of content marketing by analyzing user data and helping marketers make sense of user intent. With so much content available on the internet it is important for businesses to not create content just for the sake of creating content. The goal is to tap into the right consumer at the right time, so that they are more likely to buy your product. Artificial Intelligence helps marketers create relevant content for their audiences at each stage of the marketing funnel. Data that algorithms collect and generate makes it easy for marketers to understand what content to target at customers, and which channel to use at which time. AI can assist you in your content marketing strategy through methods that can: personalize your website, power your social media content creation, chatbots for customer support, and even enhance your PPC advertising.

Is AI Marketing Relevant Now?

Whether you are trying to get consumers to your site to buy directly from it or use your site as a tool to bring people into your doors, there is no limit to how helpful AI and machine marketing can be for your business. This is not a new phenomenon. This is the here and now and it is important that marketing leaders stay ahead of this. It is vital to understand AI and its ability to shape how you market your business. We are quickly moving into a world where all our motivations, both businesses and consumers, will be driven by big data and the information that lives within these software applications. It is not by accident that 75% of the United States shops on Amazon or that Netflix has nearly 100 million subscribers. It is time to get involved. The nature of marketing is changing and adapting with it will be a huge key to success.

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