Tools and processes for effective lead scoring have come far.

As marketers, the goal of lead scoring is to be able to prioritize leads coming through the pipeline and to focus your sales team on the right leads at the right time — the leads that your organization deem the most valuable. This way your sales reps will spend more time and effort on the leads that have a higher chance of closing while marketing focuses on further nurturing the others.  

A solid lead scoring system can help you accomplish this and we'll work with you to implement an ideal program. 

What are your unique and specific lead types, categories, behaviors and activies that are most important to your qualification process? Do certain factors warrant negative scores? These are just a couple of items to consider and we can help with both strategy and implemenation. Additional considerations include:

  • Are the best tools being used such as marketing analytics (HubSpot, Marketo, etc.) and CRM system (Salesforce, SugarCRM, etc.) and are those system integration points optimized?
  • What does your lead website activity and behavior look like (form downloads, page visits/views)?
  • Are there custom event triggers you'd like to impact your scoring?
  • How do email interactions like opens and clicks weigh in?
  • Do you have an automated way to immediately send alerts and triggers to your sales team based on particular scores? 

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quotation mark image for inbound marketing customer quotesScholes Marketing helped us with a major site redesign and implementation. They then helped us improve our calls-to-action and visit-to-lead conversion performance, lead nurturing and overall inbound performance. They are able to work independently and deliver great results. Highly recommended.

John Worrall, Executive VP, Product Management and Marketing, CounterTack

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