Internet Marketing Essentials: 4-Part Series

Posted by Jeffrey Scholes on Jul 30, 2009

confused about social media marketingMany B2B companies know that they should be incorporating an ongoing social media campaign into their arsenal of tactics to generate leads and sales. But, as a business owner or marketing professional, half the battle is trying to get your head around the social media wave, the crushing amount of information about it, where to even begin, and how to make it all fit into your marketing plans.

The great news is that being successful at Internet marketing does not need to be as complicated as others may sometimes make it out to be. It will, however, require some start-up time and dedication to get a solid working plan in place. Here's the thing. The key to effective and profitable Internet and online marketing requires an integrated approach, utilizing the right tools and applying them with consistent effort.

This 4-part series brings you up-to-speed with some practical things you can do to confidently get your results-driven website and Internet marketing campaign off the ground.

Part 1 - Fix the Foundation: Is your current website optimized for getting found? The first eBook of the series will help you quickly turn your website into an optimized, lead generating tool that gets your company found by qualified prospects.

Part 2 - Capture and Convert: Now that your website is optimized, is it set up to convert qualified prospects into leads? This eBook will outline ways to build great offer landing pages and calls to action that are optimized for converting traffic to leads and customers.

Part 3 - Spread the Word: Now that you've got a killer website and tools for converting, it's time to start promoting through social media channels and blogging -- delivering only meaningful content along the way. This eBook will give you the basics for why you need social media, how to get social media traffic and specific examples on how to set up your campaigns using some of the biggies -facebook, twitter, etc.

Part 4 - Analyze, Measure, Test and Pivot: Use analytics and tracking tools to measure the effectiveness of your efforts so you can confidently do more of what works, and less of what doesn't. This eBook will arm you with some of the best practices and and tools (some new, some older yet really effective) for measuring performance, tracking and reporting on your efforts.

For those of you who are looking to enhance the marketing of your company website or feeling the pressure to increase website and online marketing lead generation performance, this series will help get you on the right track. 

What else do you think future Internet marketing Pros need to know? 

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