Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing can be a complex and costly task if you let it be.  Many companies know they want it included as part of their overall marketing strategy, but don't know exactly where to begin. That's where we can step in. 

By having a solid PPC strategy, you can grow your prospective customer base by exposing your company, products and services to whole new groups of people - folks that may not have found out about you otherwise.

We will work with you to:

  • Create great content for PPC ads and campaigns to improve conversion rates
  • Help you appropriately budget for it
  • Optimize your PPC ads by focusing them around your company's target keywords and important product or service offerings 
  • Monitor ads for success and continually analyze results to maximize website traffic quality

eBook: Optimizing Landing Pages

Optimizing Landing Pages eBook


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ppc campaign management services quoteAs my business needs expanded, I hired Scholes Marketing to manage my online Affiliate, Search and programs. They did an awesome job pulling these programs together and evaluating the immediate ROI positions. Thier recommendations were right on and ultimately saved me money. They are first on my list when I need to temporarily expand my staff.

Dean Rist, Director, eCommerce & Direct Marketing, iRobot Corporation

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