Build a pipeline of new, engaged prospects to nurture with quality, relevant content.

Marketing Automation lets you craft campaigns and communication tailored to the challenges and lifecycle stage of each lead. Move each contact further down the funnel when they're ready, right to the point of purchase. But go beyond the point of purchase by treating your customers as well as you treat your leads. Keep offering them helpful, remarkable content and keep them aware of upgrades and new products. With the right tools in place, and the right data intelligence to pull from, you will be positioned to quickly make informed decisions and know when your marketing efforts need to be fine-tuned, ramped up or ended.

Gain the ability to confidently capture, analyze, measure and report on marketing performance all along the campaign spectrum.

eBook: Introduction to Closed-Loop Marketing

Closed-Loop Marketing eBook


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marketing automation services quoteWe've been working with Scholes Marketing for some time now. They lead key initiatives in the areas of website design, inbound marketing and lead generation, with notable projects including a successful closed-loop marketing system with our Salesforce CRM system. We have an integrated marketing engine with campaigns that continue to generate and convert leads into customers. What's more, the team is always there when I need them and there's really no distinction between internal resource and external consultants. Scholes Marketing is an essential part of my marketing team and enjoyable to work with too.

Josh Kanner, Industry Marketing, Autodesk

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