Stay in front of prospective customers and successfully move leads at various stages along your sales pipeline.

Lead nurturing (aka marketing automation, digital nurturing), regardless of the term used to label it, is a marketing process for building relationships with potential or existing customers.

How lead nurturing helps your business:

  • Keep your newer, top-of-the-funnel leads in your CRM system engaged even if they are not necessarily looking to buy a service or product right now
  • Stay connected with your warmer leads (middle of the funnel) — those leads who have expressed interest in your company and who you might consider to be more qualified
  • Reach out to existing customers to keep them informed about your additional products, renewals, etc. 
  • Stay top-of-mind with potential customers so that they will come to you when they are ready to try or buy 

We'll help you create lead nuturing campaigns that are effective, engaging and revenue producing. Here's how:

  • Utilize tools to build a nurturing foundation and optimize your existing programs 
  • Build a pipeline of new, engaged contacts to nurture with quality, relevant content
  • Customize campaigns to deliver specific, relevant content based on your contact website behaviors and CRM data
  • Draft meaningful content and create custom email templates 
  • Design, create and monitor all lead nuturing campaigns, including customized call-to-action treatments and landing pages 
  • Provide ongoing marketing performance analytics for your nuturing programs

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lead nurturing quoteScholes Marketing has been a huge help in building and growing our marketing machine. They have had a finger in virtually every marketing activity that has caused us to go from 20 leads per week to sometimes 200+ per week. They've managed projects large and small, and quite varied from product collateral, lead generation campaigns, marketing management of, and whatever else it takes to help us drive revenue.

David Gibson, Vice President of Sales, Interactive Supercomputing (acquired by Microsoft)

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