HubSpot Retainer Pricing

Don't go it alone. Our marketing retainer offers ongoing collaboration, support, and strategic guidance to help you execute your marketing vision and achieve your business goals.


Consulting essentials to get you started down the road to success.
from $6,000


  • Bi-weekly meetings
  • Dedicated account strategist
  • Quarterly reporting
  • Keyword research
  • Website audit


Comprehensive HubSpot strategy and consulting to amplify your ROI
from $12,000


  • Everything in Scale and...
  • Competitive analysis
  • Attribution reporting
  • Journey mapping
  • RevOps optimization


Dedicated account strategist
Monthly task prioritization
Quarterly strategy call + plan
Ad-hoc meetings (as needed)
Monthly reporting (dashboards)
Advanced reporting/analysis/recommendations


Persona development
Lead scoring
Double check denotes an advanced feature 
? Predictive lead scoring
Double check denotes an advanced feature 
? Attribution reporting
Double check denotes an advanced feature 
Lifecycle management
Double check denotes an advanced feature 
Paid advertising
? Account based marketing
? Competitive analysis
? Customer journey mapping
Graphic design (social & website images, downloadable assets)
Up to 2/mo
Up to 4/mo
Conference logistics (pre, during, post-support)

Content & Campaigns

Asset audit/funnel analysis
Lead nuturing
Email marketing (news, promos, lead nuturing)
A/B testing (emails)
Content strategy/calendar
Content creation (blogs)
? Content creation (downloadable assets)
Event support (webinars)


Social strategy
Social publishing
Up to 4/wk
Up to 4/wk
Up to 6/wk
Social monitoring/reporting


Keyword research
On-page SEO
Technical SEO audit & fixes

HubSpot Audits

HubSpot audit
1 audit/yr
1 audit/yr
2 audits/yr

HubSpot Marketing Hub

Database analysis (quarterly)
Data mangement/hygiene
GDPR compliance
Double check denotes an advanced feature 
Workflows/marketing automation
Email template (design & dev't)
Create & edit custom properties
Create & edit custom views
CRM records import
Basic import
List creation & management
Custom objects
Salesforce integration support
Separate quote
Separate quote
Separate quote
Custom integrations
Separate quote
Separate quote
Separate quote

HubSpot Sales Hub

Initial user configuration & Sales Hub email extensions
Automation sequences
Double check denotes an advanced feature 
Deals pipeline set up
Task automations
Quote tool set up
Double check denotes an advanced feature 
Product library set up
Sales - reports & dashboard
Double check denotes an advanced feature 
Import sales data (deals, activities & applicable data)

HubSpot Service Hub

Import service data
Service bots - configure
Website only
Double check denotes an advanced feature 
Service automation sequences
Double check denotes an advanced feature 
Customer feedback surveys (NPS, SAT, NSS)
Knowledge Base
Customer portal
Ticket pipeline creation
Service automation workflows
Double check denotes an advanced feature 
Service reports & dashboard
Double check denotes an advanced feature 

Website Improvements

Website maintenance (HubSpot/Wordpress)
Website performance (HubSpot/Wordpress)
Website audit
Website updates (copy, basic layout)
New website templates (landing page, website page, or modules)
A/B testing (landing pages, website pages)
Smart content (website)
Website refresh
Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
Full redesign - design & develop
Separate quote
Separate quote
Separate quote

Included in plans

Plans include the following:

One-on-one Calls

Bi-weekly or weekly calls are included in the Grow, Scale and Accelerate plans.

Full transparency

We work for you so we are happy to share a list of deliverables and a clear timeline at any point throughout the project.

HubSpot experts

Anyone overseeing or working on your project are HubSpot Experts and are fully Certified.

Expert guidance, worry-free execution

We provide expert guidance and handle everything within your HubSpot portal, ensuring easy future management.


What does a dedicated account strategist do?

They oversee your strategy alignment through regular meetings and reports, ensuring your marketing efforts meet your business goals.

Can I receive unlimited support for each task?

Support levels vary by package. We prioritize essential tasks and provide focused support to maximize your marketing effectiveness. Unlimited task handling is not offered to maintain quality and manageability.

Why should I choose a retainer package from you?

Our retainer packages provide consistent, high-quality support tailored to your needs, helping you achieve steady growth and improvement in your marketing efforts.

How long is the minimum contract period?

We offer a month-to-month contract, allowing you the flexibility to cancel at any time with a 30-day notice.

What is included in monthly and advanced reporting?

Monthly reports offer key metrics, while advanced reporting provides deeper insights and actionable strategies.

What support is provided for paid advertising and account-based marketing?

We manage strategy, campaign execution, and performance analysis to optimize your advertising efforts.

What is involved in asset audits and email marketing?

Asset audits assess material effectiveness, and our comprehensive email marketing services include targeted campaigns with performance testing.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan as needed?

Yes, you can adjust your plan based on evolving business needs, ensuring flexibility and scalability.

What does a technical SEO audit involve?

It examines your site’s structure to identify and fix issues impacting search performance.

What does a HubSpot audit cover?

It evaluates your use of HubSpot to optimize marketing processes and improve results.

What is included in website maintenance?

Our maintenance ensures your website remains efficient, secure, and up-to-date.

What kind of results can I expect with your services?

Expect improvements in engagement, lead generation, and conversions, with results varying by specific activities and industry.

"We did extensive research to find a marketing agency and we made the right decision with Scholes. We needed a partner to assess our marketing strategy and migrate our website to HubSpot. The Scholes team helped us design and develop a new website, including a new blog and resource center. They have continued to provide us with actionable recommendations based on our marketing and overall business goals. Scholes has implemented and aligned our priority campaigns, including paid advertising, email campaigns, social strategy, content development, SEO optimization, and reporting and analysis. The process is very collaborative and we are impressed with their responsiveness and expertise with HubSpot. They continue to be a true marketing partner!"

Patty Schinzing
Vice President, Marketing